Tygris, The Architect

Tygris, The Architect is a Legendary 2 Purity unique character for the Genesis faction, and is part of the Rise series. 

Activated AbilityEdit

Tygris' activated ability allows you to choose the power/health of the card as well as add abilities to your card. This summoned creature is treated as a Genesis Construct.

Cost breakdown (minimum 2 resources):

  • 1 Resource to activate
  • 1 Resource per +2/2 
  • 2 Resources: Charge
  • 2 Resources: Vigilance
  • 3 Resources: Flying
  • 3 Resources: Unstoppable
  • 4 Resources: Untouchable
  • Notes: The size of the created character is unlimited (tested for over 50 resources). A created character can possess all 5 abilities (Vigilance takes priority over Charge).

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