Descendants of the Dragon Logo

Descendants of the Dragon Logo

Descendants of the Dragon are a Faction in Infinity Wars.


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Play StyleEdit

Descendants of the Dragon focus primarily on attacking the opponents moral while maintaining a strong defense. They have many cards with vigilance which allow them to be played directly in the defending zone. When their primary blockers the Invincible Defender survives an attack they remove 4 moral from the opponent, stack this with cards in the faction like Lingbao's Will and the ability of Lingbao, Sage of Discipline, which both cause the opponent to lose 4 extra moral when they lose moral from anything, and your opponent will end up losing massive amounts of moral each turn. Factions like the Genesis and Sleepers are at a huge disadvantage to this faction because they have to kill their own creatures to level up, which ends up forcing them to pay the moral cost of these creatures death. Further drained by your defensive wall and Lingbao's abilities your opponent will usually end up being their own downfall. The Decendants of the Dragons biggest weakness is in their inability to deal with flying creatures and their overall weak attack power.